Achievements & Goals

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Providing the Same Access to the Same Resources

Because we have four campuses, we may not all have the same access to the same resources. UNCL wants to change that by rethinking how our individual campus libraries offer access to online resources. By working as one entity, rather than four separate campuses, we can save money and provide the same access to the same resources across all four campuses and save money at the same time.

What We've Done So Far

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All four campuses now have access to:

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) electronic library
  • Taylor & Francis Online

UNCL worked with our licensed vendors to cut costs while extending online access to resources across all four campuses. We also saved nearly $20,000 by negotiating maintenance costs of our Integrated Library Systems (ILS).

Looking To The Future

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  • Continue building cross-campus access to more library resources for our educators, researchers and students.
  • Develop a sustainable funding model to purchase and maintain library resources.
  • Merge funds and improve purchasing power for the entire University of Nebraska system and the state of Nebraska.
  • Form campus-wide library teams to provide online and in-house services.